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“What a spectacular job”. I’ve been to many Singles Mixer events and by far… this event supersedes my previous expectations. This was a wholesome, Christian and spiritual conference. The fellowship, the interpersonal connections were all very wonderful!  I have also told several of my friends about it and to expect another one in the near future (August 2019) they too are excited. 

From the conference I was able to meet someone and we’re now dating, I’m so excited! Thank you for all the efforts of you and your team, I was blessed, continue to do amazing work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew God wanted me at this conference and healing took place in my life. On Sunday, God allowed me to release every hurt and pain I was holding on to for years, because I am somebody. Now He can finish doing the work in me that He may fulfill HIS purpose for my life. Keep going on, please don’t stop what GOD has put in you; its so many broken people in this world and God is looking for people like you. I pray doors open for your life that you can’t even imagine. Be blessed

I had a wonderful time at the Saved Singles Summit!  I am looking forward to the next gathering in August.

I had a very nice time at the summit. The red carper was very nice I had not been dressed up like that in a very long time. Looking forward to August summit. 

Still praising God for you and the dynamic work you did last week via The Singles Summit. Love you and thank you for being an example of healthy and abundant single living!

Thank you for all your hard work at the conference.  Your message was so fitting for singles!!  I definitely need to hear that.

I will take away good things about this conference. I feel a little better about knowing being single is a good thing, to know who I am so that others will be able to look at me and know who I am.

I met a woman that I liked and' am hopeful that we will have a good relationship.


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