Today, we celebrate all mothers! Whether you are a birth mom, spiritual mom, single mom, foster mom, god mother or grandmother, we bless you! Thank you for your love, sacrifice, selflessness, and lifelong commitment. Moms are the greatest heroes on the planet, and godly moms are a national and kingdom treasure! They build our homes, nurture the next generation, and give the men in their lives courage to win. Today, wherever you are, we want you to know that God sees you and loves you unconditionally. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

We are living in unprecedented times, when our definition of what is normal and what it requires to be us is being severely tested. Covid, racial unrest, extreme political division, economic upheaval and fear has challenged our sense of self and our ability to cope with life. Stress levels are sky high and many families have had to do without. Women who considered themselves strong and confident are now struggling with self-doubt, and wondering whether they have what it takes to make it in this world. Moms have had to rethink work, school for their kids, family schedules, and what it means to be a family. Many struggle with anxiety about what the future holds for them and their children.

With so many challenges, moms often question their significance. But the truth is that every mom is leaving a legacy, the question is what kind of legacy? I encourage you to leave a legacy of faith, character, love, integrity, prayer, commitment, faithfulness, and all the other qualities that personify our God and sets Him apart. Model these qualities for your children, and you will leave an indelible footprint on planet earth! 

For some moms, Mother’s Day can be a sad day. Some have recently lost their own moms, others have been praying and waiting for the gift of children, and others are grieving over a miscarriage, a failed adoption, or a prodigal child who has wandered away from God. Whatever your circumstance, you are not alone. We stand with you in faith and pray for a breakthrough. Women throughout history have faced similar challenges, but again and again, godly women the world over, have risen to the occasion to fight for their families and to leave their mark on the world. You can too!

One word I want to leave with you today is ENOUGH! “Am I enough?” is a tool that the devil uses against all women, particularly moms. Am I enough to be a good mom? Am I pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, have enough? He wants to make you feel small, unqualified and to question your sufficiency in Christ. He wants to steal your confidence in yourself and your God. Don’t let him! Jesus is more than enough for your every need and in Him you are enough! I encourage you today to stop thinking “Am I enough?” and instead to boldly declare, “I AM Enough because Jesus is Enough!”

PRAYER: Today, we bless all godly moms! You are virtuous women; women of wisdom, character, strength and dignity. We bless your home and family, and declare that your children will rise up and call you blessed. We proclaim that this is your year of breakthrough and we call it forth now in Jesus name– Amen!


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