I salute you, man of God. Faithful man who said yes to God. Good man who daily makes a choice to honor God in your singleness, invest in the lives of your children, and live an abundant life. I salute you, single man who acts on purpose, and with intentionality to impact and transform your world. I salute you, godly man who knows that fatherhood is a gift, and who treasure your children. School drop-offs and pick-ups, sick days, supermarket tantrums, you do it all and rarely get credit for it.

 I salute you, brave, strong, and courageous single man and father! Macho man who knows how to change diapers, rock a baby to sleep, and braid hair. Real man whose manhood is not washed away by dishwater or laundry soap. Strong and resilient man who cares enough to love, and be loved, not just in word, or from a distance, but indeed, and up close and personal. You hang in there, day after day, through the smiles and tears, and by your presence tell your offspring that they have a future.

 I salute you men of God who, like Jesus, have chosen the path of greatness through service. We celebrate you! We thank you for their loving affirmation, guidance, protection, provision, and faithfulness. I salute you men of valor, prayer, character, honor, and strength. We bless the work of your hands, and declare that every orchestration of the devil against you and your family is null and void.

 I salute you, men who choose to stand between the devil and your children. Men of faith, of the word, and biblical conviction. You square your shoulders, move forward and win! You win because you say, like apostle Paul, “I can do all things, which He has called me to do, through Him who strengthens and empowers me to fulfill His purpose. I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuse me with inner strength and confident peace.” The devil is scared of you, because when you lift up your holy hands in prayer, hell is vanquished.

 I salute you single man/father, handsome man, WHOLE man! I salute you. You are my hero! You are strong, the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one. Your sacrifice is not in vain! You are an inspiration to your children and to the world. Our world is so much better because of you!

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