For two decades, Mary Ann Franco was blind. Until an accident helped her to see. Twenty years ago, Mary Ann survived a car accident, but her injuries left her legally blind. Until she fell in her home and injured her spine. Mary Ann underwent surgery to fix the damage, but the surgeon fixed more than he knew. She awoke and asked a nurse for pain medication, and realized she could actually see the nurse! Amazingly, she had regained her sight from a totally unrelated surgery! Not only could she see, but she could see in vivid color! Before the accident, Mary Ann was colorblind. Now she’s not.

2020 has been a stressful year! Corona virus, quarantines, shut downs, face masks, racial protests, political tension and rancorous presidential election… what a year! Many singles have suffered loss – loss of family members, jobs, and businesses. However, from this trauma, like Mary Ann, we have gained the gift of sight and insight.

  1. We saw that our priorities were out of order. Many of the things and some of the people we thought were super critical and we absolutely had to have to be happy, we found out that we did not need them after all!
  2. We saw that we had lost perspective. We had focused on and complained about the few things we did not have, instead of focusing on, and being grateful for the many things we do have, and the many troubles God shielded us from.
  3. We saw that the learned skills that have helped us to live and cope alone, to find community in unusual places, entertain ourselves, laugh and be joyful, enjoy a quiet meal at home alone, and connect meaningfully online – these single survival skills, have become the premier life skills of 2020 and beyond!
  4. We saw that we needed a new value system to treasure things we had taken for granted, like being able to visit a friend or family member at will, give and receive hugs, sit in a crowded restaurant, laugh heartily at a joke without restraint, go to a ball game or to a packed church service.
  5. We saw unusual ways to serve, give, and minister the love of God. The church left the building to be the real body of Christ and impact the community.

Christmas is a season of hope, joy, and faith. But it can also be a season of sadness, grief and depression. It depends on what we choose to see. We can choose to see the goodness of God, to pray more, help others more, love harder, and truly appreciate the daily abundance of blessings God has filled our lives with.

We can choose to see that God is our source, and not the government stimulus checks, our jobs, or businesses; and that we belong to the Kingdom of God and should not let this world pour us into its mold.

As we step into 2021, we cannot afford to lose the sight and perspective we gained in 2020. Loss of perspective occurs when we see the same things, but misinterpret it. I challenge you to see 2021 through the eyes of God and step into it with great faith.


In 2020, many singles were severely disheartened and disappointed in many areas of life, but particularly in the relationship area. Quarantine and social distancing dashed their hopes for a new relationship. Today, I challenge you to rekindle your hope. Hope is a confident expectation that God will do what He promised.

Most people skip the genealogies in the Bible. This is the long list of names that trace the ancestral lineage of biblical characters. However, one of the most hope-building scriptures in the entire Bible is the genealogy recorded in Matthew 1:1. After a long list of unfamiliar names, verse 17 summarizes, “So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.”

In Genesis, God promised to send a savior. That promise lay dormant for over a thousand years. During this time, there was a multitude of human sin and failure in the dynasty of David; including incest, murder, adultery, prostitution, and so on. But neither the passage of time, human failure, sin, or the devil himself could stop the promise of God. When the right time came, God sent his Son to redeem mankind, just like He promised. Who knew the right time? God did, and He did not miss a beat. But you couldn’t see it in the moment; only in hindsight.

God is watching over His word in your life to perform it. He is Jehovah nick-of-time. He knows the right time to bring His promises to pass, and nothing will stop His plan for you. Look forward to 2021 with confidence. God is faithful. Trust Him!

STEP INTO 2021 IN VICTORY: Begin 2021 right! On December 31st, we will have a New Year’s Eve Zoom celebration from 10PM-12:30AM. Join us! Step into 2021 in covenant, praise, prayer and communion. Be sure to have your communion elements ready, and invite others to tune in. No better way to begin 2021 than with God!

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