God has a plan for every single woman on the earth. That plan was so important that He sent Jesus to die for her. Even if she was the only person on the earth, Jesus would still have died for her. God gave her an earth suit, or body, so she can function on this planet, but she must not draw her identify and self-worth from this earth suit. It is simply a beautiful container that encapsulates the immortal spirit that she is. She originates from Him, and her spirit comes from and will go back to Him. But she must be a good steward of this body suit. Failure to take care of it will impact her effectiveness on this planet and her ability to impact heaven.

 God has a plan for this woman, and that includes marriage to the man who is also from God. Marriage is an important part of the plan of God for this woman. But she must not confuse it with her destiny or identity. If she does, it will distract her from His primary purpose and render her ineffective. God has a plan for this woman as a woman, and when she is married, God has a plan for her as a woman and a wife, then when she has children, God has a plan for her as a woman, wife and mother, and so on. No role takes over or makes the other unnecessary, but she would not be any, if she is not first a woman.

God created this woman for Himself. He wants her to be free and whole, beautiful on the inside and out. God wants her to live a life of purpose, destiny and fulfillment, in every role that she has. He wants her to be powerful, her life to be purposeful and her presence to be impactful He wants her to be a woman of influence, passion and character. He wants her to be happy. So, He gives her parameters to live by. Stepping outside those bounds will expose her and make her vulnerable to the enemy. But staying within the boundaries marked out by the love and grace of God positions her to excel marvelously, have good success and live a life filled with God's presence, purpose, passion and power.

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