1. Vision: Empower every Christian single to be W.H.O.L.E and live a life filled with God’s presence, purpose, passion and power.
  1. Mission
    1. To create a safe space for single Christians to connect and fellowship.
    2. A forum where Christian singles can grow together as people of strength, dignity and grace.
    3. Empower Christian singles to live interesting lives; lives that are free from self-pity, regret, desperation and low self-esteem.
    4. Challenge Christian singles to make a choice daily to honor God in their singleness and to live an abundant life.
    5. Empower saved singles to impact their world and transform the lives of people in their sphere of influence - their children, relatives, future spouse, co-workers, friends etc.

Event Purpose: To provide a Christ-centered and fun forum for Christian singles from area churches to meet and connect, in person, with other Christian singles from other churches in the area. Today, many Christian singles feel overlooked and on the fringes both in society, and sadly in their churches. 

Many churches do not have a singles ministry, and for those who do, it is focused on their members only. In some churches, adult singles are made to feel “forgotten” or defective in some way because they are not married. The Saved Singles Summit shatters these stereotypes, instills confidence and restores hope to every Christian single. We affirm every saved single as a person of tremendous worth and value, with a God-given purpose and future. Our events rekindle hope, empowers singles to celebrate their season of singleness, challenges every single to live life with God’s presence, purpose, passion and power, and provides in-person opportunities for meaningful connections and new relationships.