Terms and Conditions


    1. LifeWork Ministries does not do background checks or screen participants of our events in any way. You the participant, agree to release LifeWork Ministries and its partners from any liability. You the participant assume the full responsibility and risk in attending and participating in any events hosted by LifeWork Ministries. You release LifeWork Ministries from any liability and take full responsibility regarding any person you meet at any event hosted by LifeWork Ministries and/or any event or situation arising between yourself and someone you met through LifeWork Ministries.
    2. Your participation in any LifeWork Ministries event is at your own risk and you agree to waive any and all liability against LifeWork Ministries, our directors, hosts and employees, the venue the event is held at, venue staff, sponsors or advertisers associated with the event or LifeWork Ministries.
    3. The LifeWork Ministries reserves the right to remove anyone from an event if their behavior is non-compliant with our rules and requirements, or the person acts in a manner that we deem illegal, rude, threatening, indecent, offensive or inappropriate.
    4. The LifeWork Ministries does not in any way guarantee the results of any LifeWork Ministries event, we do not guarantee that any attendee will participate in any optional Christian speed dating event, when offered, or that connections, dates or relationships will result from our events. The purpose of Saved Singles Summit events is to empower participants to grow in faith and their identity in Christ. You the participant understand and acknowledge that we simply provide an opportunity for you to meet and connect with other single people.
    5. You the participant agree to provide LifeWork Ministries with accurate information about yourself and will not falsify or give misleading information.
    6. You the participant grant to LifeWork Ministries, their successors and assignees, the full right to record and use your image, voice and likeness, in whole, or in part, whether in picture, audio, or video for broadcast or publication on television, radio, Internet, or in any print, digital, electronic or social media, or other electronic forums, shows, programs, advertisements, promotions and other publications, and in any other form of electronic or printed medium and to edit such recording at their discretion. You hereby release LifeWork Ministries, their representatives, successors and assignees, from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which you now have or may hereafter have by reason of any use thereof.
    7. You shall indemnify and hold harmless LifeWork Ministries, and its agents, representatives, successors, and assignees against any and all damages, actions, suits, claims, other costs (including reasonable attorney's fees) or liability due to personal injury or death, damage to your property or the property of others, arising out of your participation in the Summit.
    8. If there is any physical damage to the building, grounds, furnishings, or equipment caused by you, the cost of repair or replacement shall be determined by the property owner, and you will be billed accordingly. You agree that such sum shall be immediately due and payable. 
    9. You are responsible for your personal property. LifeWork Ministries shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any property you bring to the summit. 
    10. Free parking is available on site. LifeWork Ministries is not responsible for loss of or damage to vehicles or their contents.
    11. COVID: While participating in the Summit, you commit to take precautionary measures as recommended by the CDC and public health authorities. However, you acknowledge that there are no guarantees and that these measures may not protect you from Covid. You understand that in-person events are a risk, and you personally assume all risks associated with your participation in the Summit, including the risk that you may become infected with Covid or that you may infect others.
    12. REFUND POLICY: Summit registration is non refundable, but it is fully transferable. Please contact us for transfer process.