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"Good morning. I wanted to share a praise report with you.

I had been having left sided neck pain for over 2 years. It had been getting worse over the last few months, to a point where I wanted to cry sometimes.

On the Friday night of the SSS, I came up for prayer for healing. I'm telling you this to say, I did receive MY HEALING, PRAISE GOD  

My neck is healed. Whatever was holding those nerves and muscles has been released. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Gloria 

That was the best gift I could have received at the Summit. Amen  and Hallelujah. Continue your good work!

Have a blessed day "


Was truly a Godly mile high experience. Can’t wait to book the next flight on Destiny Airlines next Summit. Great time, great people. How beautiful is THE BODY OF CHRIST 


Absolutely amazing!


Loved being there and can’t wait for the next one! 


My take away… FAITH is spelled R-I-S-K. Something clicked for me with this, to not fear taking a risk when God asks me to.


Awesome awesome awesome event!


What a Beautiful time we had


Gloria Godson, you are doing a good job. Keep on firing in the field of the Lord. It is a huge sacrifice but Keep moving no matter what it takes away from you, do not be discouraged. Your Crowm awaits you. Congratulations!


What an awesome time. 




Loved hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones!


Had a blast! Thank you so much. And thanks be to God!!


This is awesome 


I have never met so many beautiful people who are full of life, know how to dance, and live in the word!!!! 


Gloria Godson it was my honor to meet you and all the amazing people who prayed and glorified God's word. Such an awesome gift to be a part of this family!


You were the hostess with the mostest Gloria. Your the STRONGEST voice we have for CHRISTIAN singles. BE ENCOURAGED 


Awesome event this weekend for the Singles Summit ! The Man Cave event went really well and the dinner and dance was great ! Great job Gloria, Melissa and the whole team who organized the event ! I don't know all the committee member names, sorry. Great event though !


Great Job Gloria, had an amazing time and what a great blessing this weekend..





Had such a wonderful time!


We had a divine encounter with Jesus Christ at the 2022 Saved Singles Summit. The teaching was amazing and thought provoking. All the workshop leaders had great Information to present. The Summit was an opportunity to refresh, renew and revive. The fellowship was amazing! I can't count how many times I lost track of time due to the great conversations I was a part of. I truly believe that healing and breakthrough occurred throughout the Summit. I believe chains were broken. I personally was challenged to stay the course and stay on track. I have picked up some tools and concepts that will help me to navigate through life as a single man. Not only was the spiritual food excellent, so was the natural food. All of the meals were delicious and satisfying. The Summit team put so much effort into making the event great and their effort paid off. I'm grateful to have been in the number. I'm believing God for an even bigger explosion of his grace, favor, wisdom and peace at next year's summit. I can't wait to see what God has in store for his single sons and daughters next year. In conclusion, I went to the Summit with a spirit of expectation and abundantly received. To God be the glory for all the marvelous things that he has done!!!


I had such a wonderful, blessed weekend at the Christian Single Summit. It was marvelous and how the Lord works through you is simply powerful!!! The joy of the Lord is your strength! 


Thank you for the work you did to make the Summit happen. I especially enjoyed the venue and had a nice time at the dinner; the food was good and it was nice chatting with new friends. Additionally, the key note address by Ms. Godson included some motivating points; I will refer back to the notes provided. 


Through the grace of the Lord you and your team coordinated a wonderful Summit.  Gosh, what a blessing it was! 


The Single Summit this weekend was so refreshing and empowering. I’m determined to stay on track with Jesus! He loves me most of all, What a sweet love it is!!. Thanks @saved.singles.summit for a beautiful event for the single hearts.


I had such a glorious time at the Save Single Summit. It was a life changing experience to fellowship with the saints of God.


I am so, so thankful for your singles ministry. You are a real trailblazer.



"My girl Shanta and I attended the Saved Singles Summit and our souls were greatly enriched! 💖 Gloria Godson your vision is BIG and I stand with you in prayer that EVERY “Single” believer will be W.H.O.L.E and live a life filled with God’s presence, purpose, passion and power!"


"The keynote speech was amazing! It gave me biblical support for my decision to only have sex in marriage."


"I enjoyed being reminded of who I am in Christ. I enjoyed and connected well with the worship. God was there as we worshiped Him. I enjoyed the ManCave it was great to see the men sharing our struggles with one another. I am glad I made new connections and hopefully they build into relationships."


"I absolutely LOVE Gloria!!! Excellent!"


"I love the real, raw transparency of the panelists."


"This was excellent! The expectations were set well by the Saved Single Summit Team and well met."


"This was so powerful, sister Gloria, so powerful!"


"This was a first class event! Very well ran and organized. I met some great people at it"


"The ManCave was excellent!"


"I loved the elegant evening! It was a wonderful time of enjoying my singleness. No pressure to connect. Just be gorgeous and have fun with other gorgeous people of God!"


"GirlTalk was a great time being able to be real and open. Time was too short."


"The elegant evening was magnificent!"


" I liked the ManCave! Men talking about men’s issues!"


"I loved the keynote address!"


"Everyone on the panel was great! Their transparent testimonies blessed me so much."


"The elegant evening was great, great, great... so much fun, good music, yummy food!"


"I really enjoyed myself at the August S.S.S."


"Excellent event! Good speakers, organized overall, great and clean venue with free parking."


"It was a blessing to attend the Singles Summit. God spoke to my heart with the great teachings, I must be whole and happy to have the blessing of being single and this is only one stage of my life. Organization, panelists, mix mingle and party were very successful, great job!

 Also, I had the opportunity to connect with someone, and we are talking and getting to know each other. This may be the opportunity that I have asked God for so long. I ask you to pray for us. Thank you for that vision of empowering singles Christians, may God continue to bless you greatly."


"This was great! The morning/afternoon sessions and workshops were so good! The dinner food was really delicious as well."


"Keynote speaker spoke the truth and very well done!"


"The elegant evening was awesome. I danced my shoes off! I loved the music, dance lesson, and how everyone cheered everyone on."


"ManCave was wonderful"


"The keynote was powerful! Maybe a copy of the PPT to take notes on would have been helpful."


"The GirlTalk was a great time of iron sharpening iron."


"The keynote was awesome!"


"The elegant evening was amazing."


"I loved the fact that we were all single, I felt equal to everyone, unlike being at church events and I'm single and everyone else is married"


"The four panelists were real and testimonies were good to hear."


"Just being in a place where everyone confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior was awesome! Different races/ ethnicities at the Summit was good."


"This was great! I loved connecting with other singles."


"This event was very good. It was at a good location and it had a good number of people attending. The temperature in the room was just right. Not too cold and not too hot."


"All I can say about the keynote is, to God be all the glory!"


"The elegant evening was excellent."


"This event was very good. I enjoyed celebrating singleness with other believers"


"The ManCave was super"


"This event was excellent! I loved the authenticity"


The afternoon panel was awesome! I really enjoyed the testimonies that were shared.


"This event was excellent! It was a powerful teaching about what it means being a whole single."


"This event was excellent! I liked the organization, Workshops & Speakers, and elegant evening."


"Keynote speaker gave a good message."


"This event was excellent! I liked everything about it."


"The keynote address was super!"


"I loved seeing singles enjoy being single, the edifying workshops, the panel discussions, evening gala."


"The keynote speaker is a woman of God."


"The ManCave was excellent"


"The elegant evening was super."


"I really enjoyed the dancing, especially the salsa lessons. I wish there was salsa music included during the dancing after the lesson. I wish there were more men too."



"What a spectacular job”. I’ve been to many Singles Mixer events and by far… this event supersedes my previous expectations. This was a wholesome, Christian and spiritual conference. The fellowship, the interpersonal connections were all very wonderful!  I have also told several of my friends about it and to expect another one in the near future they too are excited." 


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew God wanted me at this conference and healing took place in my life. On Sunday, God allowed me to release every hurt and pain I was holding on to for years, because I am somebody. Now He can finish doing the work in me that He may fulfill HIS purpose for my life. Keep going on, please don’t stop what GOD has put in you; its so many broken people in this world and God is looking for people like you. I pray doors open for your life that you can’t even imagine. Be blessed" 


"I enjoyed the Summit. Gloria is refreshing. She has great perception in her biblical insights and it was an impartation I received eagerly. What a blessing. It was spiritually worth it. Thank you!!"


 "It was a great day and great night. Thank you Gloria Godson for your love of God and your love for the single people and for your awesome team"


"I loved the affirmations and the release of strongholds and soul ties that we recited. It was awesome!!! I needed that to be released."


"Praise God for this powerful event! An off the chart day and an elegant evening to remember!"


"From the conference I was able to meet someone and we’re now dating, I’m so excited! Thank you for all the efforts of you and your team, I was blessed, continue to do amazing work!" 


"I had a wonderful time at the Saved Singles Summit!  I am looking forward to the next gathering in August." 


"I attended the March 30, 2019 Saved Single Summit in Wilmington Delaware. It was an amazing experience. First of all, I’d like to thank Ms. Godson and her entire support team for the effort that they put in along with their sponsors who made this event very affordable and worth every single penny. Next I would like to say that for having it been the very first event ever, it went off without a single hitch or glitch. And trust me if there were any, the guests had no clue. I would love to attend the August event! Only thing I would say is, Christian man, arise! This is a team effort, a two way street, so to speak! We need the men to show up!"


"I danced all night. The teaching blew me away. This event was blessed and orchestrated by God. Had a great time"


The speed dating was very exciting! It was my first time"


"I had a very nice time at the summit. The red carpet was very nice. I had not been dressed up like that in a very long time. Looking forward to August summit."  


"This was the BEST singles event I've ever been to" 


"The Singles Summit was phenomenal! Everything was so well done - it was excellent. The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, the fellowship was warm and friendly! I was so pleased to see so many different ethnic groups there. I'm sure that warmed the heart of God. Just like the kingdom should be."


At the Saved Singles Summit, I made friends with some ladies at my table. Since the event, we have gone out a couple of times as friends, just to hang out. I am now developing a dating relationship with one of the ladies. 


"Still praising God for you and the dynamic work you did last week via The Singles Summit. Love you and thank you for being an example of healthy and abundant single living!" 


"The elegant evening was amazingly beautiful! Keep up the excellent work." 


"I recently ended a relationship with another believer because I didn’t believe he was the best God had for me.  This was a difficult decision, because there were so many voices telling me that I was giving up a great guy, and that it might be my last opportunity to marry. This summit encouraged me by confirming that I didn’t have to have a husband to complete me.  “I will not give myself away at a discount!” 


"Thank you for all your hard work at the conference. Your message was so fitting for singles!!  I definitely need to hear that." 


"I was so encouraged by Gloria’s Keynote Speech and the Summit Proclamation. I loved how Gloria presented the truth of who we are as single believers and how the devil uses others (various voices) to discourage us and keep us from realizing our God-given potential." 


"I will take away good things about this conference. I feel a little better about knowing being single is a good thing, to know who I am so that others will be able to look at me and know who I am.." 


" This was Holy Fun!!"


"It was a wonderful evening"


"Please continue to keep everything focused on the Word of God. In my opinion, this conference was so powerful because it was absolutely focused on Biblical Truth.  Sadly, this is what is missing in this day and age." 


"That I met a woman that I liked and' am hopeful that we will have a good relationship" 


"I liked that the pastors answered the questions from a biblical standpoint and didn’t compromise based on cultural norms"


"Please keep the speed dating as part of future summits" 


"The elegant evening was beautiful and I had a great time! It was nice to enjoy myself without any pressure from the opposite sex. The DJ was awesome and I even learned some new line dances! The food was delicious and everyone seemed to really be having a good time." 


"Thank you for praying and putting together such a powerful and encouraging event"


"I am celebrating my singleness and the woman I have become. I am whole and complete in the One who paid it all for me. God loves me most of all. My life belongs to Jesus. My trust and hope are in Him"


"It was a lovely event"


"Having make-up artist on site was awesome, as well as having suits and evening wear to rent and purchase. 


"Loved the story in the keynote. It was encouraging and you could tell that Gloria was very passionate"


"What a great day!"


"The panel addressed questions from the audience according to the Word of God.  I also appreciated that when needed, responses from the panel were backed up by Gloria’s Biblical responses."  


"Divorce doesn't define me. My body doesn't define me. My job and race doesn't define me. My identity comes from God and Him alone."


"Gloria is a very passionate heart felt speaker that kept me engaged during her speech." 


"The entire summit was uplifting and I enjoyed everything. It was a wonderful event and I was happy to be a part of it." 


"The DJ was amazing. I have not spent so much time on the dance floor in a long time." 


"I am motivated to seek and pursue my God-given potential and not be side-tracked by the world’s insistence to date/marry or find someone to complete you." 


"The dancing was most enjoyable. Red carpet was very nice!"


"I think the most helpful throughout the summit was Keynote speaker, workshop, mix and mingle and elegant evening"


"Knowing that I am not alone in my singleness – there are other people in the same boat"


"My 35th birthday was one of a lifetime. A huge prayer had been answered. In late 2014 had a bad tooth which turned into a bone infection which led to the awakening of the brain disease B.I.H. (benign intracranial hypertension). By January 2017 my teeth had broken off below the gumline so they had to be surgically removed. Embarrassed to talk and smile, I kind of set up a wall of shame so I wouldn't open myself to anyone. Thanks to the Saved Singles Summit, I met a pastor named Chris. The night before the summit he had an accident. Needing 14 stitches in his mouth and a few broken teeth, he still came to the summit the next day. I know my identity is in Christ, but it took him, enduring all that the night before to show me with stitches and busted teeth are not his identity. So me having no teeth isn't my identity. Well, yesterday I got my dentures, finally. It's not my identity, though it makes eating easier and taking pictures with a smile."


"As a guy, the Saved Singles Summit gave me so much confidence that I did not realize I had."


"When Gloria Godson said that singleness is a credible, biblical choice, and that many Bible heroes, like Jesus, Paul, Daniel and many others were single their entire lives, that took a load off my shoulder. I do not have to rush into a relationship or try to conform to other people's expectations." 


"I spoke to a very sweet young lady at our table. She was abt 28 or 29 ...... I didn’t catch her name; however, afterwards, I wished I would have gotten her name and contact information. I kept thinking—and have been thinking ever since—that she would probably be a great match for this great guy Jaime, who goes to my church. I consider him one of my little church brothers, as he also is only 29 (like the young lady). He is on Facebook, ..... If you could please pass this information along to her, I know Jaime would appreciate it. When I told him abt her, he asked why I didn’t get her contact information for him."
"Thank you for a great time at the summit in March."