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THEME: My Body, His Temple

1. Keynote: The Summit will kick off with a powerful keynote address “My Body, His Temple!” This empowering keynote will take you into God's throne room and give you a glimpse of yourself the way God sees you - a holy vessel carrying the omnipotent creator of the universe, a royal priesthood, a masterpiece specially crafted and strategically positioned in the earth to fulfill divine purpose. 

2. Summit Proclamation: We believe in the awesome power of God’s word to heal, build up and restore. We believe that the Word of God, spoken from the mouth of a believer in faith, is the most powerful weapon known to man. So, throughout this Summit, we will proclaim the immutable word of God, declaring who we are in Christ, breaking every yoke and establishing God’s plan and purpose in our lives. 

3. Concurrent workshops

1) How to Build Healthy Relationships 

Workshop will feature certified Christian marriage and family therapist Sheryl G. Reeves. She will cover love languages, self-knowledge, healthy and unhealthy relationships, commitment, and so on. 

2) Men's Health Issue, Challenges, and Solutions

Workshop will feature Dr. Reynold Agard, Primary Care Physician, with a passion for health education and community work. Dr. Agard is part of the leadership of "Hand International Medical Missionary Organization.

 3). Women's Health Issues, Challenges, and Solutions

Workshop will feature Jennifer Bissonette-Widmer, RN/BSN, Former OB/GYN nurse, ER Trauma nurse and current case manager for a health insurance company. 

4. Networking Lunch

5. Whole Singles Panel

Panel topic: "Biblical Dating, the Who, What, Where, When and How”. Panel will feature:

i. Rob B. Kowalski, self proclaimed reformed “bad boy” and author of "Why Waiting Works". Once the biggest male stripper and nightclub promoter in Baltimore, until he met Jesus! Now he is living a celibate lifestyle and will tell you how to harness and channel your sexual energy to transform your world.

ii. Shelly Shell Williams, Philly's OPRAH. Shelly is a TV producer and host of the "Single on a Saturday Night" relationship talk show.

iii. Ericka Jackson, Founder of a matchmaking firm based in Baltimore. Ericka will share dating insights and secrets on compatibility and finding a match for long term relationships. She will answer the question, "Where do you find the people to date?"

6. ManCave & GirlTalk:

After the panel discussion, we will break off into separate ManCave and GirlTalk sessions to continue the dialogue in a gender specific context. The separate sessions are intended to allow for gender specific questions, open and honest discussion of gender specific issues/challenges, and to promote candid engagement by and among the attendees.

7. Mix and Mingle 3-5pm

Be the first to spark a convo with a fresh face and you can take their necklace. Why? Because it pays to be friendly. If you've got the most necklaces at 5pm, we've got something extra special just for you. But wait, you can get your necklace back, during the elegant evening. Find the person who took your necklace, dance with them, and you may get your necklace back, plus a phone number. WARNING - Giggles, laughs, snorts, and excitement may occur! 

8. Your OWN Time: 5:00-6:30pm – Relax, check out vendors, continue to talk to your favorite mix and mingle person, dress up for the elegant evening, etc.

9. Elegant Evening

 You have never seen a more beautiful sight! Godly men and women dressed in elegant attire walking up 50 feet of red carpet, with a professional photographer capturing their confident strides and brilliant smiles. After the photoshoot, you will be greeted by “glamworld!” first class Hollywood style ballroom décor. Take your seat and get ready to unwind, laugh, learn new dance moves and have fun with our interactive dance instructor. An executive buffet dinner, mixers and elegant conversation will keep the evening fresh, and the ambience lovely and lighthearted. Zesty dancing arrangements by DJ Atmos would make your head bob, your feet move and your heart sing! This evening will make you feel like the royalty you are!

NOTE: The Chase Center has banks of bathrooms for changing clothes. Bring your evening wear, change, glam up and get ready for the evening.

10. Raffles: Giveaways, event tickets, tickets to the next Summit and more.

EVENT COST: $70 (Early Bird)


HOTEL ROOM BLOCK - The Westin Wilmington. Room rate $105

Tara Kucharski

Director of Sales and Marketing

The Westin Wilmington

818 Shipyard Drive

Wilmington, DE 19801




Summit Planning Team